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S. Pearl

Managing Editor

Travel, Arts, Entertainment, Home & Garden

S. Pearl holds a BA in journalism and an AAS in website development. In addition to newspaper reporting, he has also worked in the hospitality, IT, and entertainment industries.

P. Peletier

Contributing Editor

Beauty, Arts, Health, Lifestyle, Society

Peletier worked as a cosmetologist and massage therapist before earning an MFA in creative writing. She edits short story and poetry journals and writes health and beauty articles for several publishers.

E. S. Kim

Contributing Editor

Education, Careers, Academics, Finance

E. S. Kim holds a Bachelor's degree in statistics and advanced degrees in psychology and education. She writes on higher education, mathematics, computing, test prep, and careers.

P. X. Williams

Contributing Editor

Finance, Computers, Technology, Business, Automotive

Williams has degrees in physics and business, plus decades of experience in the IT industry. He writes on business, technology, mathematics, and vehicles.

M. J. C. McMew

Contributing Editor

Health, Relationships

McMew is a licensed marriage and family therapist who also holds degrees in biology and nutrition science. She contributes to our health and relationship sections.

J. E. Pérez

Contributing Writer

Home & Garden, Arts

Pérez is an artist, designer, and gardener. He holds a BA in art and BS in ecology, and has over 30 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping, plus more than 10 years' experience as a web designer.

P. Coates

Contributing Writer

Education, Careers, Society, Business

P. Coates is a law school graduate with a Master's in computer science. She is a test prep instructor and avid programmer who writes on careers, legal topics, education, computers, and mathematics.

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