How to Score High on GED Science

Science is one of the five core subjects on the GED test. Earth and space science, biology, chemistry, and physics--all of the science topics learned in four years of high school are boiled down to 50 multiple choice questions and 80 minutes.

you don't need to study for four years in order to ace the science section of the GED, but you will need to make a strict study schedule to master all the concepts that are tested. This guide will help you achieve a high GED science score.

Purchase a GED study guide that has a thorough review of science. You may also find it beneficial to pick up some used or discount science text books--just be sure that they are no more than 10 years old! Textbooks with flat-earth models might be worth something on eBay, but they won't help you on the GED science section.

Make a study plan that allows time for you to learn the basics of physical and chemical sciences. The GED will test you on your knowledge of force and motion, energy, atoms, chemical bonds, and chemical reactions. This will account for 35% of the questions.

Review Earth and space science. Twenty percent of the GED science test covers geology, the natural history of our planet, weather and water systems, and how the Earth fits into the scheme of the solar system and universe.

Learn the basics of biology. Focus on genetics at the molecular level, population genetics, the structure of cells, and how organisms interact in complex ecosystems. This comprises the remaining 45% of the GED science test.

Know the structure of the exam as well as the content. GED science questions are based on short passages, descriptions of experiments or research findings, and plenty of charts, graphs, and tables. The GED tests your ability to interpret these graphs, synthesize information from different sources, and recognize patterns.

Take several practice tests so that you can gauge your strengths and weaknesses on the GED science section. The more you practice and study, the more proficient you will become. Remember that the GED is standardized, so it is beatable. Study intelligently by focusing on concepts that you know will be on the test.

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