Should I Get a Law Degree Online?

Researching Online Law Schools and Degree Programs

Attending an online law school is a more practical option for students who want a legal education, but cannot attend law school as full time students. Choosing the right law degree program online requires careful research. Here are some guidelines and tips all applicants should follow before they enroll in an online law school.

First, understand how online law degree programs are and aren't accredited. The American Bar Association (ABA), for example, does not endorse any online law schools or distance learning programs. Be wary of any online law degree program that makes a false claim of having ABA accreditation.

This does not mean that some online law degree are not approved by other organizations. Some distance learning councils and state bars offer accreditation to online law schools. Look for schools that have the endorsement from some type of legal education council.

If you have any doubts that an online law school will grant you a valuable degree, contact your state's bar. They will tell you whether or not graduates from certain distance learning schools can sit for the bar exam.

Be aware that high admission standards are important; you can tell a lot about the quality of an online law school by its selectiveness. Employers value online law degrees that come from a schools with minimum standards for GPA and LSAT scores. If a school admits anyone, regardless of GPA or LSAT scores, it is probably a degree mill.

After researching the reputation and credentials of an online law school, make a list of schools that offer specialtly degrees that interest you. Online law degrees range from paralegal certification to Juris Doctorate degrees. Many online schools offer special concentrations, such as tax law, family law, or environmental law.

Consider tuition of online law degree programs. Law schools online are more affordable than most traditional schools--infact, some charge as little as $1000 per semester.

Don't rule out the possibility of attending a tradional law school with live classes. Many students attend night classes to earn law degrees while they hold down jobs during the day. Check if you are eligible for financial aid and grants to attend a traditional ABA accredited school.

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