MBA Programs That Don't Require the GMAT

The GMAT is often the bane of business school applicants, especially those who have been out of school for several years. If you perform poorly on standardized tests due to test anxiety, or you loathe the prospect of calculating the area of a square inscribed within a circle and writing timed essays, there is good news yet. Many accredited business schools and traditional MBA programs do not require the GMAT!

Some universities accept work experience in lieu of the GMAT, while others may accept GRE scores (Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Wharton). Many MBA programs waive testing requirements for applicants who already have graduate degrees. Other schools simply have lower admissions requirements.

Below is a list of 24 traditional brick-and-mortar MBA programs that have flexible GMAT policies.

Two types of non-traditional MBA programs usually have no GMAT requirement: executive MBA programs (EMBA) and online MBA programs.

Executive MBA degrees are for professionals who have significant business experience. Their real-world knowledge cannot be measured by the GMAT, and so EMBA probrams waive this requirement.

Online MBAs are growing in popularity, and online universities are among the most affordable schools. Because they have lower admission standards, they do not require applicants to pass the GMAT.

Business Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates in business administration are another alternative to MBA programs. Certificate programs include only the core MBA courses and usually take one year or less to complete. Most graduate business certificate programs waive the GMAT so long as applicants have a Bachelor's degree and an acceptable undergraduate GPA. Here are 3 such programs that do not require the GMAT:

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