Free Printable Circle Geometry Worksheet

The dynamic generator tool below creates a printable math worksheet with 21 problems in circle geometry. The measurements in each problem are randomly generated, so each time you click the button, you will get a completely different set of questions.

All of the exercises are of medium difficulty level. Use the worksheets to supplement your homeschooling curriculum, for after school tutoring, or to practice ACT and SAT geometry concepts.


In the geometry formulas below, r = radius and a = angle in degrees.

Diameter of a circle or semi-circle = 2r

Area of a circle = πr2
Area of a semi-circle = (π/2)r2
Area of a sector or wedge = (aπ/360)r2

Circumference of a circle = 2πr

Arc length of a semi-circle = πr
Arc length of a sector or wedge = (aπ/180)r

Perimeter of a semi-circle = πr + 2r = r(π + 2)
Perimeter of a sector or wedge = (aπ/180)r + 2r = r(aπ/180 + 2)

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