Free Printable Grid, Graph, and Lined Paper

Each PDF below contains a sheet of graphing paper or lined paper that you can print at home or school. Use the grid paper for math assignments, floor plan sketches, brick layouts, crafts, games, or other geometric applications.

Teachers and parents can print lined paper and penmanship paper to help children practice their handwriting. The sheet music paper contains 10 staves per page.

Each PDF opens in a new tab. Print as many pages as you like.

Basket Weave
Tri-Basket Weave

Graph and Grid
Square Grid Graphing Paper
Square Grid Graphing Paper (lighter lines)
Diagonal Square Grid
Equilateral Triangle Grid (small)
Equilateral Triangle Grid (large)
Hexagonal/Honeycomb Grid (small)
Hexagonal/Honeycomb Grid (large)
Octagon-Square Grid (straight)
Octagon-Square Grid (diagonal)
3-D Cubes/Rhomuses
Square Dot Grid Paper
Lined Paper
Fine Lined Paper
Penmanship Paper (small)
Penmanship Paper (large)
Staff Paper

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