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Many ancient cultures built mazes for diversion and religious rituals, using stone masonry, mirrors, field crops, and gardens to construct both outdoor and indoor mazes. One of the earliest recorded examples of an indoor maze is the Egyptian Labyrinth, recorded by Herodotus during his travel to Egypt ca. 500 BC. These days, most people enjoy mazes on paper, using a pencil to find a path from one end to the other.

Use's printable maze randaom generator to create as many puzzles as you wish, in any size you specify. Just click the button to launch the printable maze maker in a new tab:   Maze Maker!   No two are alike!

The maze will fit to the width of the page regardless of the number of columns specified, but mazes with too many rows will span multiple pages. For best results, set the number of columns to 70 or less and number of rows to 35 or less. Please Note: The maze maker may not work in Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari instead.

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