How to Increase the Chance of Conceiving a Girl

You've had enough boys and want to conceive a pretty princess on the next try? It is possible to have a girl after having so many boys. Even though the odds of having a baby of either gender are 50/50, there are several methods to help you conceive a girl. These tricks are based on fertility science and the differences between X and Y sperm cells.

The first thing is to understand how sperm with X-chromosomes (which make girls) differ from sperm bearing Y-chromosomes (which make boys). Women's eggs only carry the X chromosome, so a baby's gender is solely determined by the father's sperm.

Female sperm are tougher than their male counterparts, in part, because the X sex chromosome contains more DNA than the Y sex chromosome. The extra DNA makes X-sperm a little tougher and hardier than Y-sperm. Also, X-sperm are larger than Y-sperm and they tend to swim more slowly.

Sperm that bear the Y sex chromosome are weaker and more fragile because the Y chromosome contains less DNA. While these little guys can swim faster, they are not as resilient, and they perish more quickly in the environment of a woman's womb.

Knowing all that, one way to increase the chance of conceiving a girl is to have sex when the womb is more inhospitable to sperm. In your fertility cycle, this occurs a couple days after you ovulate, when the mucus lining in your vagina, cervix, and uterus is thicker.

Another way to conceive a girl is to have sex 2-3 days before you ovulate. The female sperm will survive the long journey to reach the egg once it is released from the ovary. The male sperm will die off because it takes too long to get to the egg.

Yet another way to increase your chances of having a girl is for the man to deposit the semen closer to the vaginal opening. This favors the X-sperm for the same reason above. Since the female sperm are hardier, they can survive a longer trip to the egg.

Keep in mind these methods are based on averages. On average, Y-sperm are weaker, but there may be individual specimens who are quite tough. If one of these guys reaches the egg first, you could still have a boy.

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