How Can I Make Money Selling Used Panties?

Interview by M. J. Mewes

Though it may seem weird to many people, there are plenty of men who will pay good money for panties, bras, hosiery, and lingerie items that have been worn by women. For the women who supply their used panties, selling underwear can be extremely profitable. It is perfectly safe to make money selling your used panties as long as you take precautions to protect your privacy. And it is completely legal. If you have an open mind, an empty wallet, and a butt, selling your underwear is an easy way to make extra money. The only barrier to earning money is your personal comfort level.

We talked to two women, Sofina and Jocelyn, who make money by selling their used panties online. In the interview below, they give advice on how to get started selling your used underwear, and tips for staying safe while making a nice profit.

MJM: How long have you been selling your used panties and bras, and why did you choose this way to make extra money?

Sofina: I have been selling my underwear since 2008. As a foreign exchange student in college, I donít have very many ways to make extra money. I have to study most of the time, and besides, I donít have a work visa. Some girls in my situation work as waitresses or dancers, but that takes up a lot of time. A friend of mine showed me a website where women could sell their used panties, and I thought, what an easy way to make money. I mean, Iím going to wear my underwear every day anyway, so why not get paid for it?

Jocelyn: I started selling my used panties on eBay many years ago, back when it was still allowed on eBay. I noticed a lot of fetish items posted for sale, and I thought, I can do that too. There has always been a market for womenís used underwear, and the Internet makes it so easy to sell anonymously.

MJM: Where do you sell your underwear, and how do you set up a seller's account?

Jocelyn: Any woman who wants to sell her used panties for cash needs to obtain a P.O. Box and a PayPal account so that her personal info is completely hidden from buyers. Use the buyer's address as the return address when shipping. You can set up your own website if you want full control, but you will probably have to hire a web designer. Or you can sell through a third party fetish website. When you list your used underwear for sale, you should include photos of yourself wearing the underwear. Just a shot of you below the waist, no face!

Sofina: There are many websites where men can shop for used underwear and lingerie. These sites make it very easy to post your panties for sale and accept payments. Photos will really help you sell your used panties more quickly. Sometimes I wear a matching shirt or bra and take a photo below the neck, other times I take a photo from behind. But never my face.

MJM: Do buyers have any preferences for particular types of underwear? What types of used underwear sell the best?

Jocelyn: Customers vary in their tastes; some men like lace or silk panties that I have worn during the day; some men like cotton underwear that I have worn while exercising. I mostly sell panties, but also fill orders for stockings, bras, or other pieces of lingerie.

Sofina: Men like lace panties for their look, and cotton panties for their scent. Cotton absorbs odors better than lace or silk, and most men who buy used panties really want the scent. Otherwise they would just buy new panties at the store. I try to find underwear that has cotton in the crotch.

MJM: How much do you spend on supplies?

Sofina: It depends on whether I sell mostly cotton panties or silk and lace panties. Cotton underwear is cheap. To save money on silk panties, I buy them at thrift stores.

Jocelyn: I try to save money by buying cheap cotton panties in bulk. After I wear the underwear for 24 hours, I seal it in a plastic baggie and store it in a cool dry place so that the smell stays. So my main expenses are underwear, plastic bags, and shipping supplies, all of which cost me less than $60 per month.

MJM: How much do you sell them for?

Sofina: Between $15 and $40 a pair, depending on how much the underwear costs, how much demand there is in a particular month. When it gets hectic, I can charge more.

Jocelyn: I set my used panty prices to match other sellersí prices, maybe a little higher. Setting the price too cheap makes some buyers think theyíre getting lower quality.

MJM: Do you fulfill special requests?

Sofina: Lots of men request that I send a photos with the panties. I charge extra for pictures, and I only send tasteful photos with no face. Some men also like ripped underwear.

Jocelyn: I get orders for used panties with stains.

MJM: Overall, are you comfortable selling your dirty underwear to strangers?

Jocelyn: It's just cloth to me.

Sofina: I just think about the money!

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