How to Get Free Exercise Videos

Many people want to start exercise regimens, but often don't know how to do very many exercises besides running, sit-ups, and push-ups. Or, perhaps they know of more fitness routines, but don't know how to do certain exercises properly. With the right training and exercise videos, one can learn from expert demonstrations of fat burning and strengthening exercises. And luckily, there are many sources of free exercise videos that you can take advantage of. Here are some tips for finding free exercise videos.

Try your local public library for free videos. If you have a valid lbrary card, you may be able to download free exercise videos from the library's electronic collections, or rent workout DVDs.

Youtube is a rich source of video demonstrations for many exercises. Type in the name of the stretching exercise you want to try, or the name of the body part you want to work on, and you will often find hundreds of results.

PhysicalFitNet is another great website with tons free exercise videos. There are demonstrations for toning every muscle. Just find the body part in the menu, and you will get a list of several 1-minute videos that show you how to do exercises and stretches properly.

ExerciseTV is another website that has full-length aerobic and cardio workout videos. You can watch their exercise videos free on your computer, or you can buy them. The Workoutz website also has a huge collection of short exercise and workout videos to help you create an exercise regimen.

Look for special offers in fitness magazines, or subscription-only websites. Many fitness publications and websites offer free exercise videos on a trial basis.

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