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The system of golf handicapping makes it easier to compare the scores of players with a wide gap in skill. By subtracting a handicap from the raw score, you can gauge how well a golfer has played compared to previous rounds.

The formula for computing handicap is somewhat involved, thus, many golfers use a calculator. Below this calculator you will find the step-by-step procedure for calculating handicap by hand.

Golf Handicap Calculator
Number of Past Rounds to Compute Handicap Index:
20    19    18    17    16
RoundGross Score*Course RatingSlope RatingDifferential

OPTIONAL: Compute net scores for your next 5 rounds of golf.
Gross Score* Slope Rating Handicap Index Course Handicap Net Score

* Gross scores are figured using the Equitable Score Control method, which places a cap on the number of strokes allowed per hole according to a player's existing established handicap. If a player has no established handicap index, or a handicap greater than 39, the maximum score is 10. For 30 through 39, the max is 9. For 20 through 29, the max is 8. For 10 through 19, the max is 7. For handicaps below 10, the maximum score is a double bogey.

Step 1: Compute the handicap differential for your last 20 rounds of golf using the formula

HD = 113*(Gross Score - Course Rating)/(Slope Rating),

and round the figure to the nearest tenth. The course rating is a number between 67 and 77 and the slope rating is a number between 55 and 155.

Step 2: If you have between 16 and 20 past scores, drop the ten worst differentials (the highest differentials) and ake the average of the remaining differentials. Multiply this number by 0.96 and truncate (do not round!) any digits after the tenths digit. This is your Handicap Index

Step 3: To compute your course handicap (the handicap applied for a round on an individual course), use the formula

CH = (Handicap Index)*(Slope Rating)/113,

and round to the nearest who number.

Step 4: Compute your net score with the formula

NS = Gross Score - Course Handicap

These handicapping rules were established by the United States Golf Association and apply to golf clubs in the US and Mexico. British and European handicapping rules vary.
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