How to Lose Belly Flab

Accumulating belly flab and stomach fat is easy; burning it off is difficult. Although losing your stomach flab takes much more work than packing it on, you can lose weight and inches from your waistline with a strict diet and exercise plan. Having a flatter stomach makes your clothes fit better and improves your posture and overall carriage. If you are serious about trimming down your mid-section, take these steps to get a flatter tummy.

Reduce the total amount of food you eat, and especially cut back on these foods that contribute to belly flab: potatoes, white rice, white bread, potato chips, cookies, cake, and cheese. These starchy, fatty foods have too many calories and eating them makes it difficult to lose tummy flab. Eliminate them completely if possible.

Eat more fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Fiber helps you eliminate waste from your colon, which in turn helps your stomach appear flatter, less flabby. Foods rich in fiber also help you feel full more quickly; that will help you cut back on fatty foods that contribute to stomach flab.

Begin an aerobic exercise regimen that includes jogging, walking, biking, or hiking. You should do sustained aerobic exercies for half an hour or more three times a week. Aerobic exercise helps you work off fat and flab all over your body, including tummy flab. There are no spot exercises you can do that will burn just belly flab, you have to burn fat all over your body.

You should also practice exercises with weights and do more stretches to tone the muscles underneath your belly flab. Sit ups, crunches, and back exercises will strengthen your core.

Keep in mind that it takes several weeks, even months to see a noticeable reduction in belly flab. Even if you don't see dramatic results immediately, you must stick with the diet and exercise regimen to reduce your waistline and lose the belly fat.

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