How to Lose Weight on the Juice Diet

The juice diet helps many people shed pounds quickly after the holiday eating season, and when done correctly, is a safe way to meet your weight loss goals. Here are the steps you can take to lose weight on the juice diet.

First, invest in a good juicer. It is better to make your own juice at home from fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than buy it prepared from the store. You will save money and cut down on sugar and preservatives.

Prepare juice blends using fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, plums, and juicy berries. You can also use tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach leaves. Dilute the juice with water and add lemon juice or lime juice to help preserve your blends in the fridge and give the juice better flavor. Sugar is also a preservative, but it adds too many calories. To keep the juice from spoiling, prepare small batches.

Begin your day with a nutritious breakfast that can include eggs, whole wheat toast, whole grain cereal, low fat milk, and of course, juice. It is important that you eat breakfast every day of the juice diet. Take a multivitamin as well.

For lunch and dinner, eat about a third of what you would normally eat, and replace the rest with juice. If you get hungry in between meals, drink some juice. As you progress in the diet, you can replace all of lunch or dinner wih juice.

Keep a regular exercise schedule while on the diet to help meet your weight loss goals.

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