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Power-to-Weight Ratio Calculator

The power-to-weight ratio (PWR) is a measurement of the ratio of a vehicle's power to its total weight. There is a positive correlation between a vehicle's PWR and the speed at which it accelerates. That is why motorbikes typically will accelerate at a much quicker pace than cars. Although they are not as powerful, they are lightweight; as such, they have a higher PWR and will accelerate faster.

Convection Oven Conversion Calculator

A conventional oven cooks food by heating the space inside the oven. A convection oven cooks food not only by heating the air inside the oven, but also by moving that air around the food. Because a convection oven circulates this hot air around the food, food can be cooked for less time and at a lower temperature than in a conventional oven. If you need to convert a recipe from conventional to convection cooking, use this calculator to adjust the cooking time and temperature.

Online Golf Handicap Calculator

The system of golf handicapping makes it easier to compare the scores of players with a wide gap in skill. By subtracting a handicap from the raw score, you can gauge how well a golfer has played compared to previous rounds.

The formula for computing handicap is somewhat involved, thus, many golfers use a calculator. Along with the calculator you will find the formula and step-by-step procedure for calculating handicap by hand.

Time Card Calculator

Try our online time sheet calculator that's quick and easy to use. Just enter the starting and stopping times for each day you work, your pay rate, and your overtime rate. The calculator will figure your total hours worked and gross pay. You can also download a free printable time sheet in PDF format.