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Income Elasticity of Demand Calculator

Income elasticity of demand measures the extent to which a given good or service is sensitive to a change in income if all other factors remain constant. Income elasticity of demand can be computed by dividing percentage change in quantity by the percentage change in income. It represents a useful measure because it provides an insight into whether a given good or service is a luxury or a necessity.

True Shooting Percentage (TS%) Calculator

The true shooting percentage statistic was first introduced by the Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics (APBRmetrics), and it is now very commonly used in basketball leagues because it provides a very good indication of a basketball player's skill. This True Shooting Percentage calculator can help you quickly and easily compute the TS% of a given player.

Power-to-Weight Ratio Calculator

The power-to-weight ratio (PWR) is a measurement of the ratio of a vehicle's power to its total weight. There is a positive correlation between a vehicle's PWR and the speed at which it accelerates. That is why motorbikes typically will accelerate at a much quicker pace than cars. Although they are not as powerful, they are lightweight; as such, they have a higher PWR and will accelerate faster.